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  1. Hello @ant Merci beaucoup pour le retour. Est-il possible du coup de faire une demande pour le match Liverpool vs Arsenal prévu pour le 20 novembre prochain ? See you tonight at the bar for the match vs Brentford Come Reds
  2. Hi Reds lads, I'm a member since 2019, I have 2 pending tickets for Liverpool match since 2019. I've met Anthony at the Kop bar this week for the CL match vs AC MILAN. I will be very pleased to have the two tickets for a Premier League match. I'm looking forward for the match vs Leicester, if it's available. One ticket will be for me Frederic Moutou (Frederic M) and the other one is for another member of Liverpool France, Damien Roussel (Bowzowmru) P.S : Special thanks to Anthony for having my records and for your kindness. Thanks for your consideration. Come on Reds Frederic Moutou 07 51 59 29 27
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