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Roger Hunt - Liverpool Legend

Alep Shankly

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Roger Hunt, un des plus grand joueur de l'histoire de ce club est décédé chez lui hier des suites d'une longue maladie a l'âge de 83 ans.

Après St John en mars, très triste année pour nos anciens de l'ère Shankly. RIP Legend. 🔴 YNWA 🔴


Roger Hunt  est née le 20 juillet 1938 a Golborne et décédé le 27 septembre 2021. Joueur de Liverpool de 1958 a 1969, Hunt a joué 492 matchs et marqué 285 buts sous nos couleurs. Meilleur buteur du club de 1962 à 1969 il reste a ce jour le deuxième meilleur buteur de l'histoire du club derrière Ian Rush et demeure le meilleur buteur du club en championnat avec 244 buts. Il était de la légendaire équipe managée par Bill Shankly qui remporta la seconde division en 1962 ramenant Liverpool dans l'élite du football anglais, mais aussi la première FA Cup du club en 1965 et deux titres de champion d'Angleterre en 1964 et 1966. Sir Roger fut également de l'équipe d'Angleterre qui remporta la Coupe du Monde 1966 et totalise 34 sélections et 18 buts avec les Three Lions.

"I knew perfectly well that I wasn't an out-and-out natural, the sort who can make a ball talk so it was down to me to compensate for it in other ways. I made up my mind that if I didn't succeed at Anfield the it wouldn't be for the lack of determination. From the first day I threw myself into training, ran and tackled for everything and practised my ball skills at every opportunity." - Roger Hunt




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Jurgen s'est exprimé sur la disparition de Roger:

“It’s really sad news and our thoughts and our love go to his family,”

“Unfortunately, it feels too frequent in this moment we are saying farewell to these giants of our club.

“Roger Hunt comes second to no-one in his importance in the history of Liverpool FC, that much is clear.

“To be the goalscoring catalyst of the Shankly team to actually achieve promotion and then go on to win those precious league titles and the FA Cup puts him in a bracket of LFC legends who are responsible for making us the club we are today. Not only that, he was also a World Cup winner in 1966, too.

“I am told the Kop christened him 'Sir Roger' for all his achievements. A goalscorer who never stopped working to help his teammates; I believe he would have fit in well within our current team.

“So, it is Sir Roger we will remember, honour and pay tribute to over the coming days.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

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Après que les joueurs ais portés un brassard noir en signe de deuil ce mardi contre Porto, le club rend hommage a Roger Hunt via le programme de ce dimanche.

Une minute d'applaudissement sera observée et un tifo en son hommage est prévu.



Bel hommage également de Jamie Carragher interrogé sur la disparition de Sir Roger sur SkySports:


Enfin jolie geste de la part d'Everton:


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Les mots de Jurgen Klopp pour Roger Hunt dans le programme du match de tout a l'heure:


“Before the game, we will pause to pay tribute to a person who is as responsible as anyone for making occasions like today matter as much as they do to Liverpool Football Club. Sir Roger Hunt, who died peacefully this week, was a true giant. - “Since I have been in Liverpool I have tried to learn as much as I can about the people who built this institution on their talent, commitment, personality and achievements. The legends whose shoulders we stand on. 

“Sir Roger is someone whose contribution can be equalled by other legends but not surpassed. His goals lifted Bill Shankly’s team into the top flight and then to securing league titles and an FA Cup.  - “How he played meant he set the standards from the front of the pitch. His natural ability was matched by an attitude of working harder than anyone else and doing all you could to help your team and teammates. 

“Everything I hear from those who remember seeing him play says he would have thrived in our team. I hope the outpouring of love and appreciation brings comfort to his family. I hope they again see why the Liverpool fans choose to honour him as a ‘Sir’.  - “I saw a quote from him saying that honour coming from the Kop meant more than it ever could coming from any establishment or organisation. We stand to remember and pay tribute and then we try to play in a way he would have been proud of: be selfless, committed and adventurous.”

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Il y a 2 heures, Anakin a dit :

Merci pour les partages ^_^

C'est la moindre des choses. Très surpris de l'absence quasi totale de réaction sur le forum a la disparition d'un géant de l'histoire de ce club.

Il restera l'un des meilleurs attaquant de Liverpool au XXème siècle aux côté de Liddell et Rush et gardera une place particulière dans la mémoire collective de ce club.

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