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  1. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/222041/Kenny-Dalglish-I-m-at-Liverpool-to-stay/Kenny-Dalglish-I-m-at-Liverpool-to-stay#ixzz1AVC6JN7n KENNY DALGLISH returns to manage Liverpool today determined to stay on for the long haul. Dalglish, who has cut short a holiday to answer the club’s SOS in the aftermath of Roy Hodgson’s sacking, wants to remove the ‘caretaker’ tag as quickly as possible. The 59-year-old Scot aims to make owners John W Henry and Tom Werner rethink their plans to look for a high-profile manager in the summer. By then an eager Dalglish, who was upset last summer in being overlooked as Rafa Benitez’s successor in favour of Fulham’s Hodgson, wants to have nailed the job on a permanent basis. Dalglish, who resigned as Liverpool manager in February 1991 through stress has long hankered for a return to the position. He has admitted being hurt by a number of rejections over the years – especially last June when he put himself forward to replace Benitez. A Dalglish confidant said: “Kenny is raring to go but he has no intention of keeping the seat warm for someone else. Ideally he would like a four-year contract as soon as possible, giving him the time to rebuild the club to its former greatness. “He knows what is needed and wants the time to put everything into motion. It can’t all be sorted in a few months.” Dalglish flew home yesterday from the Middle East after abandoning a holiday cruise. He has been given the job until the end of the season after Hodgson, who has only been in charge for six months, agreed a severance package on Friday. Je ne sais pas si c'est fiable mais si ca marche très bien jusqu'à la fin de la saison je serais dégouter qu'il parte au bout de 6 mois ...
  2. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,,12040_6646908,0.html Spain international Fernando Torres has rejected speculation he could quit Liverpool and has called for supporters to get behind the squad. The Reds' star striker has been linked with a move away from Anfield following a poor season which has seen Roy Hodgson replaced by fans' favourite Kenny Dalglish. The former Atletico Madrid man has been linked with an improbable switch to arch-rivals Manchester United, something he has quickly poured cold water over. The 26-year-old marksman is contracted to the Merseysiders until the summer of 2013, with the option of a further year, and he insists he will see out his deal. Torres admits the Reds have endured a below-par campaign and has called on everyone who supports the club to give their backing in a bid to turn around their season. Commitment "More than ever, we need to stick together," he told The People. "We must live in the present, from match to match. "We need to add more points, win matches and improve our standing in the table. "That is our challenge and I demand the total help of our supporters in doing that. "My head is in Liverpool and on helping save our season. I am professional and I always fulfil my deals. "I haven't considered leaving, although in football that depends on the club. "Liverpool had a lot of success under Rafa Benitez and that is difficult for anyone to follow. "Even if the ball hasn't always dropped our way this season, we have missed out in a lot of matches." Torres partira sans doute cet été , mais il aime le club et les fans on ne peut en douter .
  3. "And have you thought about what you'll say to the players in your first team talk? Yes, but it's changed 25 times on the flight home, so I'm sure it'll change again before the morning." TERRIBLE
  4. C'est un cas assez similaire dans le sens ou DALGLISH arrive en sauveur tout comme l'avait ( ou du moins essayer ) SHEARER mais c'est en même temps très différent. Shearer n'avait jamais coacher . Kenny c'est 3 titres de champions avec liverpool et 1 avec blackburn en tant que manager.
  5. http://www.redandwhitekop.com/forum/index.php?topic=268889.0 Si tu te débrouille un peu en anglais tu peux trouver des réponses ici ! Ce dont on peut être a peu près sur, c'est que les joueurs joueront à leur place . On peut également aisément penser qu'on reverra konchesky beaucoup moins et agger beaucoup plus ! ce qui pourrait donner ca : ------------------------------Reina------------------------------ Johnson---------Skrtel------------Agger------------Aurelio Kuyt-------------Lucas----------Meireles-------Maxi/Babel --------------------------Gerrard------------------------------ --------------------------Torres------------------------------- c'est très simple mais on a jamais pu l'aligner .
  6. On apprend surtout beaucoup de choses sur le cas TORRES !
  7. Voila c'est fait ! et en plus king kenny pour l'interim , c'est je pense la meilleure option ! et ce pour plusieurs raisons ! -son pédigrée et son statut : même si sur la fin c'était pas génial, il a quand même prouvé de grandes qualités en tant que manager . -dernier manager a avoir gagner le titre avec LFC -il connait le club, les joueurs( il est tout le temps présent à anfield ) et sera profondément respectés par ces derniers -on va sans doute retrouver une grosse ambiance à anfield et away( même si les fans away sont extras) -la philosophie de jeu : le pass and move , vous vous souvenez ? -il peut lancer des petits jeunes de l'academy à la reserve puisqu'il doit bien connaître les ptits jeunes ... Pour toutes ces raisons je pense que king kenny peut donner un coup de fouet à notre saison . Reste une dernière question, celle du mercato . Kenny qui est supposé n'être qu'un interim aura-t-il tout le loisir de recruter ? Il a fait pas mal de missions de "scouting" , il doit donc avoir des idées derrière la tête . Reste à savoir si NESV le laissera dépenser et vendre comme il l'entend .
  8. We all remember the Torres debacle last season. His injury, whether he needed an operation or not , whether he was fit or not, whether he had fell out with Rafa or not, whether he wanted to leave or not. Well here goes. I'm telling some of these as I am thoroughly ********** off with the goings on at our club!! From the completely inept Parry to the lies fed to the press by Purslow and the previous owners to deflect the blame for the mess that was being created , onto Mr Benitez. Torres had had an operation in early 2010 to cure a knee problem. He was brought back but wasnt truly fit and was infact "running lame". Under the current physios and doctors he ( Torres) was assured that he would recover all fitness and strength for the World Cup. Torres at this time had made it clear that didnt want to miss the world Cup. He made a few substitute appearances and few starts , without really looking fit or even comfortable. At this stage people need to know how most top clubs work in getting players fit for a weekend and how that information dictates the team selection. The day before a game, the fitness coaches and physios will submit a list or report to the manager on what the players personal fitness levels are, what stage of recovery they are and what minutes they can be expected to give. The manager then selects his team and subs based on that information. Birmingham away 4th April 2010 Rafa having been instructed that Torres was progressing fine, wasnt running lame and just needed game time started him. Anyone remember how poor and how ineffective Torres was in the first half? He was substituted early in the 2nd half, much to the disgust of our captain, who famously looked at the camera in disgust at the switch when we were trying to win the game. Rafa had asked the club doctor and physios at half time and again early in the 2nd half if they thought that Torres was indeed fit and indeed fit enough to start. A senior player confirmed to me at the time that neither the physio or doctor said anything at all, leaving Rafa to assume that something was not right. With Benfica coming up on the Thursday he immediately removed Torres as he feared further injury, risking the wrath of the fans who knew we needed Torres on the pitch to win the game and keep CL qualification alive. Rafa then questioned Torres fitness levels in the week of the Benfica game and was again reassured that all was ok. He started against Benfica and scored , but suffered a reaction to the knee. Over the next few days he returned to Spain to see the surgeon, who reported to Rafa that the knee had deteriorated and he had suffered further injury due to being " rushed back" and " not being looked after properly". It was decided there and then that Torres would undergo further surgery in an effort to be fit for the World cup. When I spoke to a chief steward in MAY 2010 , he told me that Rafa had told him that he had been lied to about Torres state of fitness by the fitness team and he felt awful that Torres would probably miss the world cup because of it. Torress' anger at being treated like this was portrayed by his agent who told Rafa , his client would never play for LFC again, blaming the club for him missing a return to Athletico Madrid and also ruining his World Cup chances/preparation, and putting the club before his personal health!! Torres was furious and didnt believe neither Benitez explanation nor the medical staffs account of things, choosing to blme both parties. The chief steward then told me that this was the reason that the medical staff involved had resigned their positions at the club in "disgust at the pressure and unethical approach from senior management to influence and alter a professional diagnosis and process in administering a fitness rehabilitation programme to a LFC employee" Rafa had then since told the chief steward that he could not believe that the medical staff had behaved so unprofessionally and felt deeply upset that people he had hired, had lied to him be it under pressure or not. It transpired that certain previous employees of LFC under instruction from previous owners of LFC had asked certain previous members of the medical staff to get Torres back as soon as possible and that risks needed to be taken to try and ensure CL qualification so as the club was a more viable proposition to any prespective buyers!!!! We all know who this former employee is and it wasnt Sir Martin Broughton! Anyway think Ive said enough really. Whether this causes me a few problems with the circle of friends i have im not sure. its out there now and im not that bothered whos ********** off with it. Our club is falling to pieces by buffoons. God help us!! Si cette histoire est vraie, cela pourRAIT expliquer bien des choses, nottament concernant les performances de notre prodige ... Franchement, il ne serait pas à blamer s'il voulait partir ... Il s'est totalement dévoué au club et il mérite le respect.
  9. Pour moi il y a eu une grande confusion . Quand on est à anfield , on doit soutenir l'équipe, le coach, tout le monde doit faire bloc pour le bien du L.F.C. C'est ca pour moi le liverpool way. Et ca ne signifit en rien qu'on doit abandonner tout esprit critique sur le club . Roy Hodgson est nul, très nul même, il n'a pas du tout le standing pour coacher notre club, c'est un fait. Alors au stade et pendant le match tous derrière l'équipe ( et je ne suis pas d'accord avec le comportement de beaucoup de fans ), mais on va quand même pas se priver de dire les choses concernant ce coach. Se cacher derrière des pseudos valeurs et ainsi se taire quant aux performances sportives désastreuses de L.f.c n'est à mon avis pas positif pour le club .
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