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Ancien joueur : Daniel Agger > Brondby


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Bon, je reposte ici ce que j'ai posté sur le topic Mercato cet AM:

Tony Barrett ‏‪@TonyBarretTimes‬

1. Right, for those asking (and especially those abusing) the story on Daniel Agger is a very simple one.

2. Barcelona made an offer for Agger which Liverpool rejected. That has now been confirmed by Agger's agent.

3. Agger is not actively pursuing a move. Anyone who is aware of his character will know that's not the way he would do things.

4. But I don't think anyone could blame Agger if (that's an important word at this stage) if he was tempted by the possibility of Barca.

5. Equally, Liverpool will want to keep Agger who is their best centre back & second longest serving player.

6. The quote from Agger's agent is very straightforward. "We are aware that Barca have made an offer for Daniel that ‪#LFC‬ have rejected."

7."Daniel has a contract with ‪#LFC‬ for the next 3 years. It would be up to the clubs to agree a fee in order for that to change."

8. In other words, Agger's agent is saying it's in the hands of the two clubs. He is not pushing for a move. Phew!

. Ashley Marland ‏‪@ashmarland‬ 16 h 

‪@TonyBarretTimes‬ Has Agger informed Liverpool he wants to leave ???

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Tony Barrett


‪@ashmarland‬ Definitely not.

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Gros dodo et faites de beaux rêves... :lfcfan:

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Future Légende du club ?! Je l'espère ! :lfcfan:

Moi qui pensait que depuis Carra et Steven, les joueurs fidèles aux Reds seraient en voie de disparition ... j'ai l'impression qu'Agger pourrait être longggtemps avec nous ! :respect::lfcfan:

Déjà pour moi ! Très clairement. Il a son histoire.

S'être fait tatouer YNWA sur les phalanges suite au rumeurs qui l'envoyaient à City, on en parlera encore dans 30 ans.

J’espère qu'il passera le cap des 10 ans au club.

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Apparemment,Agger est toujours blessé:

- "I don't feel I'm at my level yet, and I'm still struggling with my thigh injury, which hasn't disappeared yet. So it's tough to get through every training and every match. But I hope to be fit as soon as possible".

-" That happens in football. I think the landing was worse, actually. I think I may have strained something, but nothing serious. (On his collision with Guzan)"

-" I don't think that we, as a team, are looking too far ahead. We need to work hard, and we have to take one match at a time. That's what we're trying to do this season. We have to put in a real shift first and foremost, and then we can spice things up with some good football."

- "As far as I know. It's not something I think about. It's up to the club." (On whether a transfer to Barcelona is off)

source:Mon lien

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Allo Daniel ??

Quelqu'un a des infos sur son absence de la feuille de match ??

Je reviens du post sur Sakho ou il est question de mettre Agger en 6 , cela peut être une bonne chose a essayer quand on voit le niveau actuel en tout cas dans l'impact sa peut nous soulager

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